How did Santa’s Free Christmas Slots perform?

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For those who are interested, we figured we’d release some early performance numbers on Santa’s Free Christmas Slots. We released the game in late November, but unfortunately hit a few snags with our Chartboost implementation so the ad-supported version wasn’t live until roughly the first week of December. As a result, we only saw about three weeks of ad-supported installations.

Installations were driven primarily through Facebook as well as Itunes Search Ads.

We’ve seen 2,443 Installations of SFCS so far, and about 2,200 of those have been driven via ad-supported paths. While we’re not getting the percentage of organic installations that we’d prefer to see in order for the game to be a success, it’s still a higher percentage of organic installs then our old BaccBacc Free Slots game that has just a few.

Our next couple game releases are more heavily themed, so hopefully that will drive some incremental organic install growth.

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